Frequent Question and Answer

Is my official warranty be still valid after repairs?

We are third party repair specialist, therefore we are sorry but your warranty will be voided.

Is my phone still water resistant after repairs?

We do not guarantee if your phone is still water resistant after repairs as we are a third party repair specialist. You will need to send your device to the original manufacturer (eg Samsung or Apple) to check if your device is still water resistant.

What is the cost of repairs and what models do you support?

You may check the cost of repairs and what models are supported here:

Where is your location?

We are located at the following address: 3rd Floor , Lot T-084A , sungei Wang Plaza.

What is your contact number?

You may call us at 016 614 3597 (Foo).

How long does it take for you to repair my device?

For flat screens, it will usually take about 3 hours. For edge screens, normally it will take 3~5hour.

What kind of glass are you using? Is it similar to Gorilla Glass? Is it durable?

We are using China-made quality glass. It is similar to Gorilla Glass, but do be careful, if you drop your mobile phone it will crack.