We are professionals and specialists on repairing cracks on mobile phone screens and offer a cost-effective way on reparing mobile phone glass screens. Unlike other third party solutions whereby you are required to change the whole display, we are only reworking on your original glass display. The colour will remain the same like the original, good as new, and you can be ensured of our highest quality.

Currently we are able to fix iPhone and Android devices. Most popular devices including the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. We are also specialists on repairing mobile phones with glass edges, such as the Samsung S6 Edge, Samsung S6 Edge+, Samsung S7 Edge, Samsung S8 and Samsung S8 Plus. We are the first edge glass reworking specialists in malaysia with the lowest possible price tag on our repairs.

Since 2017, we have already repaired and fixed more than 200 mobile phones with glass edges. Our technique is very mature and we will guarantee the sucess of every glass edge repair. All our tools and equipments are from high-end machines such as the YMJ Laminator as well as the ZWX laminator. Thus, you can be sure of our excellent quality and precision in our repair works. For more infrormation, you may refer to http://www.yomiza.com and http://www.zwxkj.net

Our base of operations is at Kuala Lumpur, and currently we are focusing on customers from the city centre. For more information you may contact us via Facebook - Oggy Repair. Thanks for visiting our site! If you are looking to repair your mobile phone glass screen, look no further. We are more than happy to assist you.

Repair Procedure

Call Us Today

Call us to make an appointment. We offer free consultation and will diagnose and recommend the best course of action on how to repair your phone. We will prepare the required replacement parts needed for your device.

Walk-in Repair

We use high-end tools for the glass refurbishment process. Do come by to our shop if you require a repair of your damaged phone. We will issue an official receipt, and you only have to wait and relax while we repair your phone.

Complete Repair

We will call you to inform that your perfectly repaired mobile device is ready to be colleted.

crack screen

Recycle repair and reduce E-Waste

LCD Recycling

Selling your extra broken glass LCD , you will get paid immediately

LCD Swap

We offer also Trade in broken LCD for a refurbish one

LCD Sales

We sell all genuine LCD parts sourcing from recycling genuine cracked LCD

LCD Refurbishment

Refurbish your cracked display with a new glass lens by using our high end lamination process

New Product

King Of Energy

Best battery solution for iphone right now , higher capacity battery enough juice for whole day with single charge , forget about performance drop causing by battery problem , never need to bring power bank again , we are the authorized seller in malaysia

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